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PrivacyLens enables attribute release consent for the Shibboleth Identity Provider. It allows users to get more control what private information is sent to a Service Providers by their Identity Provider. Users get guidance and the option to choose which attributes should be sent, and can automate future decisions. PrivacyLens originally derived from uApprove as a feature enriched version of it.

For more detailed information about PrivacyLens, please click here.

Downloads & License

Precompiled versions of PrivacyLens can be downloaded here.
The source code can be downloaded at GitHub.

PrivacyLens is licensed under the BSD license which is provided in the license file.

Manual & Installation

For detailed information how to install and use PrivacyLens please view the manual here or in the manual directory once the tool has been compiled.

Comments & Questions

If you find issues, please report them via GitHub here.
For general questions, email us at